Tuesday 27 September 2011

Desi Boyz gets posters and a trailer

After the director trying to kill the stars with this helicopter stunt, it seems that the rest of the filming went off without a hitch. In line with most other Bollywood films, a number of posters have been released for the film.
I have managed to find a trailer over on youTube. The film does look very funny - and this is coming form someone who doesn't watch Bollywood films or know the language!

The year is 2009. The world has been struck by the financial meltdown. But Nick Mathur and Jerry Patel don't feel a thing in their comfortable pad in London.

Nick feels smug with his successful investment banking job, the new bonus in his pocket and his beautiful fiancĂ©, Radhika, by his side, while Jerry is so used to scraping the bottom of the barrel and living off his best buddy Nick, that recession feels like home.  But life has a way of pulling the rug from under our feet.

Nick and Jerry stop smiling the day Nick's company decides to downsize and unceremoniously fires him.  And Jerry is informed by the Social Services that his nephew Veer, who is being brought up by Jerry, will be placed in a foster home unless he gets a steady job.

DESI BOYZ is the story of two men who are forced to do something extremely bizarre, which gives them instant gratification, but the repercussions tear them apart. Its aftermath puts everything to a test, including their friendship.
Hitting UK cinemas November 18, 2011

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