Friday 2 September 2011

Erotibot DVD Release Review

Erotibot is a very strange film and entertaining though it was, I feel I can only give it 2.5 stars.

This is a Japanese production, a "porn film" and stars Japanese AV stars Asami (Hard-Life, Helldriver) and Maria Ozawa (Kidnapping Miyabi, Invitation Only). It also features Mahiro Aine and is written and directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu (Maidroid, Stacy).

Don't be fooled by the title however, there is (at least for Western audiences) very little erotic about this film, unless you are into androids with bizarre attachments. It is certainly very amusing in places and in equal measures disturbing, but this is only to be expected from a film with the tag line "Do Heiresses Dream of Erotic Androids or Cup Noodles?".

The story is about a young heiress whose Father protects her with three androids, who also have the job of training her in various life skills (use your imagination!) and her evil relative, who wishes to prevent her from inheriting and will stop at nothing to accomplish this.

There is one special feature available on the disc; Interview with Asami and Maria Ozawa

If you think all this sounds a little weird then you are definitely right, but for adult entertainment and a good laugh then it is well worth a viewing.

Erotibot is available to buy on DVD from 26 September 2011

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