Tuesday 29 November 2011

One Life DVD Release Review

One Life is an excellent documentary and I have given it 4.0 stars.

This is a production from BBC Earth Films and explores the world of animals, covering topics including mothers and their young, finding food and mating rituals.

Groundbreaking cinematography makes for a spectacular display and some quite astonishing views of creatures which haven't really been seen before. All of the footage was filmed specifically for One Life and a huge amount of work was required to bring it all together.

It is narrated in a very unobtrusive fashion by Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Layer Cake) who does a great job and manages not to be too patronizing.

There is one complaint with One Life, that in this day and age when we are all being told to pay attention to our carbon footprint, this takes it in entirely the opposite direction, moving large quantities of people and equipment all over the world. Yes, the results are brilliant, but are they justified? That will be up to individuals to decide. It is also perhaps just slightly longer than it needs to be, I was getting bored towards the end.

One Life also includes a second disc of special features, which are extremely impressive and very informative. They include; The making of One Life, Behind the scenes at the music recording, Interviews with the filmmakers, Theatrical trailer, Interviews with cameramen (fascinating), On location and Bonus footage.

In summary I would say that this is interesting, pretty educational and a great watch for the whole family, especially the kids.

One life is available to buy now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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