Friday 11 November 2011

A Thousand Words

After watching the trailer I am sure that this film will bomb! The only thing I'm not sure is how badly it will crash and burn. We go and watch a film with Eddie Murphy in it for two reasons. The first being a smart ass talking donkey and the second, being a foul mouth. This one seems to have Murphy flailing around making farmyard noises... That's just my thought and you can make up your mind and view the trailer below.

Fast-talking agent JACK's (Eddie Murphy) insincere patter is his chief weapon, but it irritates his assistant AARON (Clark Duke), threatens his marriage to CAROLINE (Kerry Washington) and gets him into trouble repping guru/author DR. SINJA (Cliff Curtis). Jack suffers karmic repercussions from Sinja's magical Bodhi tree, which sheds one leaf for each word Jack speaks. After one thousand words, Jack will die.
Talking its way into UK cinemas April 6, 2012

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