Thursday 10 May 2012

All in Good Time gets tons of clips

“Opening Titles”

“Not a Monsoon in Sight”

“Jesus does not eat curry”

“Make That Family Feel welcome”

“First Kiss?”

“Making the Effort”

“The Honeymoon Is Over”

“Awkward Sex”

“I love a good Monsoon dance sequence, me”


“Are you saying you don’t love me?”

ALL IN GOOD TIME is a hugely warm hearted, comic tale adapted for the big screen from the Olivier award winning play Rafta Rafta by Ayub Khan Din (East is East.) Centred around a close knit, larger than life British Asian family living in present day Bolton, ALL IN GOOD TIME follows Atul Dutt and his young bride Vina for whom the first taste of married life is proving far from straightforward.

When their hard saved for honeymoon is cancelled the day after the wedding, the newlyweds have no choice but to return to the Dutt household and set up home there.

As prying family members and gossipy neighbours conspire to keep the couple from consummating their marriage, Atul and Vina start to panic. But if they can just keep their situation private, and if they can just get a bit of time alone, all could be saved for this pair.

So with meddling parents, nosey neighbours and a community that thrives on gossip, can their marriage last?
In Cinemas nationwide on May 11, 2012

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