Tuesday 15 May 2012

Blood and cleavage, The Addicted gets images

The independent film, The Addicted, has just sent over a ton of new images from the film. They make the film look really cool. Even if it does have an evil clown running around killing people!

In 1987, David is a resident at ‘The Manor’ Drug Rehab Unit. Whilst there he is being kept addicted to heroin by a Clinical Director Chris Hunter whilst he has an affair with David’s wife. Chris eventually poisons David with contaminated heroin leaving him with horrendous facial disfigurement and chronic pain. David soon hangs himself.

25 years later and we follow Chris’s daughter Nicole as she tries to break into TV journalism. Her boyfriend (Adam) suggests they spend a night filming with friends in the now derelict Drug Rehab unit. There have been recent reports of paranormal goings-on and they plan to try and film them. It soon becomes clear however that they are very much not alone...
Ripping into UK cinema 2012
Find out more at theaddictedmovieuk.com

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