Friday 18 May 2012

The Possession gets a trailer

With a great trailer and the poster being banned in the UK, "The Possession" looks like it could become a hit. it has Sam Raimi's name plastered all over the poster - probably to sell it to casual horror fans who recognise the name.

It also says "Based on a true story". Then again, so did Fargo! I'm not sure how based it is. It may just be that a family moved house and went to a yard sale and got some old box from there...

Produced by Sam Raimi ‘The Possession’ is the terrifying story of how one family must unite in order to survive the wrath of an unspeakable evil. Clyde (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Stephanie Brenek (Kyra Sedgwick) see little cause for alarm when their youngest daughter Em becomes oddly obsessed with an antique wooden box she purchased at a yard sale. But as Em’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, the couple fears the presence of a malevolent force in their midst, only to discover that the box was built to contain a dibbuk, a dislocated spirit that inhabits and ultimately devours its human host.
Hitting UK cinemas August 31, 2012

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