Wednesday 5 June 2013

009 RE:Cyborg

I'm a big fan of Manga and especially Anime. This one is a mix of my two all time favourites. Ghost in the Shell and Akira.

1964: Nine regular humans from different parts of the world are abducted and transformed into cyborgs with astounding powers for the purpose of being used as weapons. The nine cyborgs rebel and start to fight against their creators in the name of justice. But as their struggle finally restored world peace, they eventually disappeared from the pages of history and from people's memory.

2013: Skyscrapers across the world are hit by suicide bombers with no apparent connection. The nine heroes gather once again after 27 years to fight against this faceless menace. They appear untouched by time, but society around them has changed dramatically, as it has the very idea of "justice": they used to believe in... What is their role in the world now?
In UK cinemas June 7, 2013

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