Monday 24 June 2013

Bula Quo - Yep THAT Quo is in it!

With the old men of rock, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt, as the leads I was worried until I hit the play button. They seem to out-act some of the better known stars of the film. Jon Lovitz is the one that springs to mind.

Yes you don't expect an Oscar winning performance from the cast but the director has made a cracking little film. As tongue in cheek as you would expect with Quo as the lead actors.

Yes it is a clich├ęd plot but I don't really care. Just sit back and get that Air Guitar out and then hit play and watch the below trailer.

Rocking All Over The World, Status Quo witnesses a gang murder in Fiji. They flee with crucial evidence; have they played their last gig?

Rock legends Status Quo are finishing their 50 Year Celebration tour. They come off stage to thunderous applause and slip away for a quiet drink. Suspecting a bigger party is going on in the back bar, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt slip through security and gate crash the event. They witness a gambling ring forcing competitors to play Russian Roulette. The winner gets dinner. The other loses their head.

Parfitt and Rossi grab evidence of the murder and create a commotion so they can get away. Wilson (Jon Lovitz – Happiness, The Wedding Singer, Friends), the lead gangster, catches sight of them and orders their heads.

Parfitt and Rossi are on the run. Simon (Craig Fairbrass – Cliff Hanger, Rise of The Footsoldier), their manager, and Caroline (Laura Aikman - Keith lemon Movie, Freight, Blood Monkey etc), a cheeky intern, are tasked with keeping the press in the dark while protecting Status Quo.

An ambitious reporter, Dave (Matt Kennard - Freight, BBC TV Doctors), senses there is a story. Caroline holds him off as long as possible, but as the situation escalates, enlists his help.

Using sea-planes, speed boats, jet skis, golf carts and scuba gear, Status Quo and their entourage evade capture and manage to leave paradise.
Rocking into UK cinemas from July 5, 2013

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