Tuesday 25 June 2013

Song For Marion DVD and Blu-ray Release Short Review

This is an amazing film, 5 stars of glorious British feel-good factor.Song For Marion
Song For Marion is written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams (The Cottage, Cherry Tree Lane) and it is an emotional roller-coaster from start to finish.
It tells the story of Arthur (Terence Stamp - The Adjustment Bureau, Yes Man), who is a proper grumpy old man, grumpier even than Victor Meldrew. Shy and nervous of meeting new people , his only inspiration in life is his bubbly, fun loving wife, Marion (Vanessa Redgrave - Howards End, Mission: Impossible). She is a keen member of the OAPZ, a choir with a rather unorthodox song sheet, including "Ace of Spades" and "Lets Talk About Sex", and longs for him to join and sing along with her.
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