Wednesday 26 June 2013

Bula Quo Short review

4 Star Rock 'n' Roll Romp
BulaQuoposterFrancis Rossi and Rick Parfitt arrive in Fiji ready to play a series of concerts on the islands accompanied by their long suffering manager/minder Simon Craig Fairbrass (The Bank Job) and the new intern Caroline Laura Aikman (Keith Lemon: The Film).Francis and Rick are soon up to their usual antics of going off to find drinks and checking out the local sites of the  island as one of the band pushes Rick off a waterfall, working as ever Simon uses this prank as a publicity stunt and soon the (Fiji Sun Newspaper) is reporting the untimely demise of the rocker.
Caroline believes she has just got a job handling dinosaurs and she isn't as impressed with them as Simon is, 'I studied modern media and I ended up in a museum.'
In UK Cinemas 5 July
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