Tuesday 10 December 2013

Fairy Tail Part 5 DVD Short Review

4 Star Wacky Wizard Anime
This is the continuation of the saga of the Fairy Tail Guild from episode #49-#60 and from the pen of Hiro Mashima, (Monster Hunter Orage).

Even though these episodes are PG rated there are an awfully large amount of sexual innuendoes, (French maids that are into lesbian BDSM) just for starters.
Perhaps if you don't get it it won't affect you, but if parents catch a glimpse or a conversation by accident there might be some strong words exchanged before they realise its anime.

The Fairy Tails main male protagonist is the fire wizard Natsu,(Rosey Spiky hair) who has a happy go lucky approach to life but at the drop of a hat he will be scrapping with his guild brother Gray, (Black spiky hair) over who is the best, Natsu's fire or Gray's ice magic.
The episodes cover young peoples issues such as their first boyfriend/girlfriend feelings and those of parental pressures such as Lucy, (blond hair) and her wealthy father.
Even with their own problems, bigger things are in the offing.

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