Saturday 21 December 2013

Wolf Children Short DVD Review

5 Stars of the most Beautiful Anime Ever.

This is the easiest film to review of the year.

It is Awesome.
This is Definitive, Beautiful and Heart Affirming.

The young woman Hana is at high school and  comes across an enigmatic young man who has a deep secret. He is the last Wolfman.
But she is in love as is he, she realises that what they have is special and rare.
wolfyukiYuri (Snow) is born on a harsh winters night and is soon running around the floor of their town apartment. With things very hard her husband, the last Wolf Man goes out on hunting trips, but one day he doesn't return and with their new arrival Ame, she is worried and goes out looking for him until they see a the body of a Wolf in a sewer being cleaned up by the utility company.

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Available to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray 23 Dec.

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