Friday 20 December 2013

Vendetta DVD Short Review

vedettacover4 Stars of cleaning the streets Vigilanty style.

A chain of bloody and gruesome events are set in motion when a gang set about robbing a girl taking the takings to the bank.
vendettafirstWitnessed by George Vickers, (Tony Denham, Revolver) who stands up to them and accidentally kills the little brother of the gang leader Warren, (Joshua Osei, Life Just Is) and he wants his revenge, the rest of the gang find out where he lives and they reap their revenge by raping his wife then burning the pair of them to death in their own garage.
Their Son Jimmy, (Danny Dyer, Doghouse) returns from Afghanistan two weeks after his parents funeral. You can see he hurts inside and he has a dark and foreboding demeanour.

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Available to Buy on DVD Blu-ray on 23 Dec

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