Wednesday 18 December 2013

Sword Art Online Part One DVD Short Review

5 Stars

A must for all lovers of Great Anime and RPG Gamers.
It's 2022 the 6th of November and it's about to turn 13:00 and this is the event Kazuto Kirigaya has been waiting for and most of the world as SAO (Sword Art Online) goes live for the first time.
Kazuto has been extremely lucky as he knows what to expect from this experience as he puts on the Nerve saokiritoGear, he was a Beta tester for this new (VRMMORPG) Vertual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.
The clock turns 13:00 and whoosh Kazuto is transported to the game world and the Town of Beginnings.

Will his solo exploits serve him well or will he finally join a guild?
There are many adventures out there for the brave.
A great idea for a series and the ideas used are very clever and good character generation, I couldn't take my eyes off it
A great addition to any Anime collection.

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