Monday 24 March 2014

Black Water Vampire DVD Short Review

1 star for this predictable found footage horror film.Black Water Vampire cover
Written, directed and edited by Evan Tramel, Black Water Vampire follows in the footsteps of films such as The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, using the actors carrying hand held cameras instead of employing camera men.
"Dec 17th 2012, Danielle Mason led a documentary film crew to investigate a string of murders known as 'The Black Water Killings' and interview Raymond Banks, the man convicted of the crimes. The following footage was recovered a year later."
Black Water Vampire tentDanielle Mason (Danielle Lozeau - Legion, The Eye), grew up in the area near to Fawnskin, the small town near to Black Water Creek where the bodies were discovered, drained of blood and with bite marks on their necks and strange symbols on their skin.

She assembles an unlikely group of individuals, Andrea Adams, the producer (Andrea Monier - Death Connection, Homesick), Anthony Russell, the camera man (Anthony Fanelli - The Next Steps) and Rob Allen, the sound guy (Robin Steffen - Phase 2, The Deadlines).
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