Tuesday 25 March 2014

Sword Art Online Part 4 Short Release Review

saop4cover4 Star conclusion for Kirito and the lost 300 souls.

A great end to a great series as Kirito shows us his determined side as he will stop at nothing to log Asuna out of the game, before she is all but married to Sugou; time is running out.

Kirito has to save Asuna from Sugou who has trapped her in a gilded cage at the top of the World Tree in the centre of Alfheim. After deciding not to ally himself with the Salamanders saop4asunaKirito drags Leafa out of the cave to warn the Sylphs and Cait Siths that General Eugene and his Salamander cohorts are going to try and stop them forming an alliance.

General Eugene is considered the strongest player in all Alfheim along with his sword that can phase ethereally therefore bypassing any defences.

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Available to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray on 31st March.

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