Friday 21 March 2014

Eureka Seven AO Part 2 Short Review

4 stars for the conclusion to this beautiful time travelling adventure.Eureka Seven 2 Cover
Eureka Seven Astral Ocean tells the story of Ao Fukai and the battle to save the Earth from the Scub Corals and the Secrets.
Still working as a member of the Pied Piper Team, a mecha unit of Generation Bleu, Ao is rocked by the surprise reappearance of his long lost mother, Eureka and the potential complications this could cause.
Eureka Seven 2 Ao and EurekaIt begins to become apparent that no-one is who they first appeared to be, as revelations abound. Truth and Naru seem to develop an unexpected bond, and as the Scub Coral plants begin to reactivate all over the world, the stakes are raised ever higher.
Public opinion sways against Generation Bleu as it emerges that they have been stock-piling quartz without anyone's knowledge or permission. And when it turns out that the quartz can in fact operate as a weapon which can change history, hostilities between Generation Bleu and the Allies reach an all time high, the race is on to gain control of the Quartz Gun and it is up to the children of Pied Piper to deal with the situation.
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