Tuesday 18 March 2014

Blood C: The Last Dark DVD Release Short Review

5 Stars of Beautiful Blood and Monsters.

bloodcfumitoBloodccoverDirected by Naoyoshi Shiotani, (Tokyo Marble Chocolate) Blood C continues one year after the anime series and what he has created is outstanding, as we are taken through the horror of humans and the agreement some of them have with the horrors that lurk in dark places.

From the outset you will be impressed by the animation and backdrops.
Saya has travelled to Tokyo to find that there is a curfew on the under 20's and nobody is aloud out after 9pm and the internet has been heavily  restricted.
She feels a presence as she travels on the underground as a man transforms into a horror, (furukimono, the Old Ones) and starts devouring the passengers.

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Available to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray on the 24th March.

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