Saturday 2 October 2010

ACME Inc. Friend or villian?

   As any good cartoon fanatic ("A fanatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim." — George Santayana) knows ACME is the place to shop.

  They offer a great loyalty scheme.  Ranging from money off your next purchase to some good discounts at your local veterinarian.

  They are perceived as a provider of dangerously unstable products that will do more damage to the operator than the prey that they are aimed at. This just isn't true. Yes, most of their products seem to be shoddy made and extremely unstable - In the correct hands, however, they are a powerful force to help your, everyday, super genius, cartoon carnivore.

  Their best known products, and a good starting off point for any lair is, of course, the anvil:
  The hardest part is to decide what size to order.  They come in rodent, 2 oz, size all the way up to Terraforming , 500 Megaton, size.

  There are, of course, products that should be left "on the shelf, such as:
  But this one maybe their best ever:

  Items are only available for mail order delivery.  Orders can be made from the web, telephone or the ever popular, mail.  Delivery is the same price no matter the method.  Be that standard US Post 5 day to, almost, instantaneous ballistic, missile, drop from their, ex US Army, silos.
The catalogue is hardback and flame resistant

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