Wednesday 13 October 2010

Trailers, subversion and youTube

  A couple of days after the official True Grit trailer hit the Internet some cleaver person subverted a lovely story for all ages into a wonderful mash-up.  The film used as the images was... Toy Story.  So I give you the "Toy Grit" trailer.

  This then got me thinking of other "mash-ups" trailers and the first one that sprang to mind is the re-worked trailer for The Shining . This makes the film into a "Romantic Comedy".  All that this needs is a change of voice-over on the original trailer.

  There can only be one more to fully describe this genre of trailer.  The Daddy of them all. It has to be "The Mother of all Trailers".  So I give you the ghost of Dudley Moore...

  There are, of course , loads more out there. Such as the Canal Plus Brokeback Mountain or The March of the Penguins. Yes, I know that they are more playing on conversations being misinterpreted.

  You must know of others. Please therefore let me know using the comment box below.

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