Saturday 2 October 2010

Bad films and getting the message out

  Whilst reading the October 1 Dilbert it made me think of all the bad films that have come across my desk with enthusiastic people calling and telling me how great this film is!

  I'm not going to mention names as to protect the guilty.  However you know who you are...

  The one that will always stick in my mind, even after all these years, is The Core from 2003.  Hilary Swank was still on a high from her 1999 Oscar win for Boys Don't Cry and just before her second for Million Dollar Baby.  The whole PR push was the "scientific accuracy" of the film.  Some of it was true, like the earth has a molten core and erm....

  I also remember a conversation I had with the agency that went along the lines of "is this film as bad as I think it is?"  The response was a "Yes".  I was planning on actually watching the film at the cinema but didn't get there in the first week and as such I was sunk.  This all changed about six months later when I caught it on, I think, Amazon for "a couple of quid". Sitting down to watch it was an hilarious experience with all the cod pseudo-science and then the coup de grâce came with the great material / element Unobtainium

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