Wednesday 6 October 2010

An Igor it is then...

  It's now decision time.  Whether to take on some help around the cave. I think going down the minion route is not going to be the best idea for the cave and my sanity in trying to control these evil masses.

  So, if we rule out Dave and his friends then this only leaves the hiring of an Igor. Igors have always been the mainstay of the Evil Genius. They are loyal, good with their hands and can turn their hand to surgery at a blink of a poorly aimed laser.
  They can have their problems.  Reading is not their strong point. Getting a left arm stitched where a right one should be isn’t that much of a problem - sometimes this can be an advantage. On the other hand, mixing a “normal” and “Abnormal” (or even Abby Normal’s one – whoever she was).  Another of their "problems" is their ability to recognise when their employment is due to expire. This maybe down to a scene of being able to smell burning tar and the noise clank of agricultural implements at several miles or the town of their masters laughter that will spell the end of their employ.

  So the order has been sent for 1(ONE) ACME Inc. Igor - I've asked it to be sent via the normal postal channels as I need a couple of days to finish building its cage, sorry, tiding up the room...

Image of The Minions © 2010 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Image of Igor/Marty Feldman
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