Tuesday 12 October 2010

Tron Night 3D and other things Tron related

  After watching this film at a small cinema in Manchester, England, in 1982 I'm sure that the "geek gene" inside me was flipped to its on position. Now after a wait of 28 years the time is drawing near.  The film in question is, of course, the release of Tron: Legacy.

  This film has had a long and chequered past.  This started way back in the late 90s when rumours started involving Pixar doing the sequel.  Most of these rumours were false.  Then came 2005 and reports in Variety quoted Disney as starting the script process.  Now jumping forward a couple of years to 2008s Comic Con where Light Cycle footage of a film called TR2N was shown.  Even then there wasn't any confirmation of the film was being made.  If we now jump forward another year to 2009s Comic Con things start to pick up pace.  Firstly, a change of title from TR2N to Tron: Legacy and confirmation that the film will be released in 3D.

The iconic, 1982,  "Light Cycle" and the updated, 2010, version

  Now for the even better news. On October 28 in selected UK and Irish cinemas you can watch an exclusive 23 minutes of the film. All you need to do is log onto disneyscreenings.com and enter the promo code Legacy. Tickets are limited to 4 per registration and yes you do need to register on the site.  Also, you have to be aware that the tickets are on a first come first served basis so you will have to be quick.

UPDATE (Oct 14):
   I have managed to get the full list of sites that will be running this event.  There isn't that many:
  • Vue Bristol
  • Vue Oxford
  • Vue Plymouth
  • Vue Leeds kirk
  • Odeon Greenwich
  • Odeon Wimbledon
  • Odeon Southampton
  • Odeon Cardiff
  • Odeon Gateshead
  • Odeon Norwich
  • Odeon Manchester
  • Odeon Liverpool one
  • Cineworld Brighton
  • Cineworld Cambridge
  • Cineworld Nottingham
  • Cineworld Sheffield
  • Cineworld Edinburgh
  • Cineworld Dublin
  • IMAX Waterloo
  • Imax Birmingham
  • Empire LS
  • IMAX Glasgow
  • Moviehouse Belfast
  • IMAX Bradford
UPDATE (Oct 25)
  This has now been through the BBFC to get its certificate, a PG, consumer advice "Contains mild threat and violence" and a run time of 23 mins 49 seconds
"Now, I kept dreaming... dreaming of this world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day, something happened. Something... extraordinary."
Kevin Flynn (Tron: Legacy 2010)

TRON: Legacy is released in the UK on December 17, 2010
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