Sunday 10 October 2010

Grimmfest 2 - what to watch

  This is something I should have posted yesterday but I was doing other things. Driving old cars then you need to spend money on it to keep them running. Yesterday was that time of the year.

  After talking to Steve Balshaw, the festival's film programmer, about what should be seen he gave me one film that you cannot miss.  This film being Amer. Other films that have been recommended from other members of the festival staff along with some from myself on the more splattery end of horror.
  • Outcast.  The opening night gala film starring James Nesbitt and Doctor Who's Karen Gillan.
  • Reel Zombies - A mocumentary from Canada.  The film follows a team of film-makers who cast the "living dead" as their cast.  This helps as "Real Zombies" exist in this alternative reality.
  • Dream Home - What would you do to get the home of your dreams?  If murder is what you think is a good idea then this is the film for you.  A satire of the boom and bust times that we live in.  Very gory horror from Hong Kong.
  • Alien V Ninja - A would classic for the "Midnight show" from Japan.  If I need to tell you anymore than the title then this isn't the film for you.
  • Dead Hooker in a Trunk -Back to Canada for this one.  Filmed during the writers strike in 2009 and as such they managed to get some top-notch people to work on the film.  I just wanted to see it by the title alone.
  • 13 Hrs - A British horror starring some favourites from the world of TV and film including Hollyoaks’ Gemma Atkinson and Harry Potter’s Tom Felton,
  • Chop -Directed by a one-time Troma star, Trent Haaga, the trashy blacker than black comedy that sees an obnoxious yuppie's life, and body, pulled apart by a mysterious figure from his past.
  • Chased By Satan -Take The Ring, Final Destination and Indonesian folklore and you get this uniquely insane film
  There are loads more films, talks and other events going on around the festival.  All events can be found on the Grimmfest website.  The festival runs over Halloween weekend (28th to 31st October)

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