Thursday 7 October 2010

Grimmfest, the press launch

  Just spent an interesting couple of hours at the press launch of Grimmfest 2 at the Odder bar.  There are lots of films to see and for all tastes from the shock to the slocky.

  The whole event was started with, festival director, Simeon Halligan, being dragged onto the stage, hancuffed and escorted by two stormtroopers from Galactic Knights.  More about them later...
Simeon Halligan and Isabella Calthorpe after being released by the nice stormtroper
  We were then told of the other events that are happening around the films.
  • There are exhibits of props and still from films that have been kindly loaned for the event.
  • NAMCO will be there with spatterhouse, an update of the classic, sideway scrolling,1988 beat-em-up.  This will be available to play on.  The game will be available on PS3 and XBOX!
  • Galactic Knights will be on hand throughout the festival.  Not only as stormtropers but with other costumes that will be announced later (I'm not sure they even know what to bring!)
  • Guest stars and some of the film's directors will be there to answer questions.

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