Friday 25 March 2011

Airline Disaster DVD Release Review

Well folks, no prizes for guessing what this one's about then. I am giving this film 3 stars, because in spite of what I am going to say about it, there is no denying that it was thoroughly enjoyable and I haven't laughed that much in ages.

And therein may well lie the problem, because I am 99% sure that this film was never intended to be a comedy. Most of the actors appear to display a startling lack of acting talent, but certainly no lack of enthusiasm, and for that they must be commended. One notable exception to this is the leader of the terrorists - The Aryan Brotherhood (yes, I know, Nazis, who would have believed it?!) whose performance is very good.

This film is essentially a by the numbers disaster movie, all the standard 'B' movie features are in place, however, there are a few things about it which set it apart slightly from the norm. It is a little darker than usual and contains more violence (and death) than most films of it's kind that I have seen. Also, the hysterical Air Hostess didn't last anywhere as long as expected and that it certainly in no way a bad thing. There is nothing whatsoever here to offend fans of this genre, if you love disaster films then you will love this.

There are no special features on the DVD whatsoever, unless you wish to count interactive menus, you do basically just get the film. I would however still thoroughly recommend this film as an excellent and very entertaining way of spending a Saturday afternoon.

The film is available to buy on DVD over at Amazon

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