Wednesday 2 March 2011

Zebra Crossing film review

Written and directed by Sam Howard.
Starring Lee Turnbull (Shameless), Greg Wakeham, Aaron White, Kyle Treslove and Kathryn O'Reilly

Set in South London present day. London looks stark filmed in black and white and that's how the rest of the film is portrayed as four friends living in the tower blocks take on the rest of the world.

This is a down to Earth movie as one mans thoughts (Justin) changes as he looks at his life and those of his life long friends Tommy, Sean and Billy, (who tends to be the butt of all of Tommy's jokes and japes.)

Justin progressively dislikes the way that the bands time is taken up with confrontations with other residence of South London and with the Law and the drug fraternity of the Capital City.

Justin is thrown out of college and has to come to terms with the future of his life as he takes to the streets with his buddies.

This film is gritty and realistic and when I finished watching it I felt that I really wanted to hurt somebody, but thankfully I remembered that it was fiction and that I live in the real world.

The way it is filmed makes you feel that you are part of Justin's extended family and that you want to join in his quest to better himself and turn away from the highly destructive Tommy and the way he takes the rest of the gang when they think Justin has abandoned them.

This is a brilliant film even if you have been through some of the issues portrayed in this piece of fiction.

Gritty, down to the gutter realism and brilliantly filmed.
This is 5 Star British Brilliance, a must see.

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