Friday 16 March 2012

Gang Story

Entertainemnt One has just sent over some information about one of their upcoming films, Gang Story. They didn't send over the trailer below - as that's the subtitled version from the French distributor.
Based on a true story, Gang Story (Les Lyonnais) is the epic tale of Edmond Vidal (Lanvin) - one of the French underworld’s most notorious figures having led the Gang des Lyonnais to a spate of successful armed robberies in the 1970s.  Overcoming dangerous gang rivalries and battles with the police, Vidal survived to enjoy the good life... until now.

With his life-long friend Serge Suttel (Karyo) in trouble, Vidal gets drawn into one last job. But fighting against his own history and facing a desperate situation, is this the end for Vidal?

Fans of gangster films such as Mesrine and Public Enemies will not want to miss Gang Story - an explosive action packed thriller where relationships collide in a saga that will keep fans gripped till the very end.
Hitting cinemas across the UK by Entertainment One April 6, 2012

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