Thursday 29 March 2012

A Night To Remember

With the centenary of the sinking of The Titanic in April, Park Circus is to release the best film about the ship. Some may disagree saying James Cameron's Titanic. Historians regard this as a high point in its accuracy of the night, apart from the sinking. You have to remember that that was the thinking before the ship was discovered in 1985.

I haven't been sent the updated trailer so I give you the original.
The first and arguably best feature-length dramatic recreation of the fatal events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic on the evening/morning of 14/15 April 1912 now looks like a prototype for the docudrama form.

Beautifully and fully digitally restored for the Titanic centenary. A Night To Remember is a genuine British classic.
In selected UK cinemas from April 13, 2012.

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