Monday 12 March 2012

Get your own water... We're on strike!

I haven't been sent over a UK trailer so here's the US one - with subtitles.
Following his delightful 2009 hit The Concert, director Radu Mihaileanu returns with his most ambitious film to date. Set in a remote North African village, THE SOURCE focuses on the plight of women in the small community, forced to fetch water from a high mountain spring in the blazing heat. After a tragedy strikes, feisty young bride Leila (rising star Leila Bekhti – Sheitan, Mesrine, A Prophet, winner of the C├ęsar for Most Promising Newcomer in 2009 for Tout ce qui brille, and L’Oreal’s new face of 2011) encourages the women to launch a love strike against their husbands – they will get no more sex until the men pipe running water into the village. The ensuing battle of the sexes is by turns funny, moving and ultimately uplifting as Mihaileanu’s film deftly explores issues of women’s place in Muslim society, the collision between old worlds and new, and the universal theme of gender division.
In UK cinemas May 18, 2012

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