Tuesday 20 March 2012

Are you in Limbo?

Reading the synopsis got me thinking about a film with a similar theme. that one was set in America. The film is still in production so don't expect to see anything more about the film for a while.

Limbo is an original comedy that follows Luke's stay in purgatory, a mysterious place that just so happens to look exactly like Croydon. After being checked in, he meets his new housemates, Jin, a bong smoking samurai from 17th century Japan, and Abby, a stunning backing dancer for a 90's pop group. Before he has time to finish his first cup of tea, Luke witnesses a fight between the angel Israfel, and the demon Balam as they vie for Abby's affections. Confused, exhausted, shocked and maybe a bit passively stoned, Luke must prepare himself for his (after)life in Limbo.
Limbo is still in production
Find out more at limbomovie.co.uk

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