Wednesday 17 October 2012

DYNAMO: Magician Impossible Series 2 – Best Moments

Dynamo is capable of making magic wherever he goes. Growing up in Bradford’s Holme Wood estate, the celebrated street magician first learnt tricks from his grandfather before perfecting the art of illusion on a trip to New Orleans. Since then he has stunned passers-by around the globe from Austria to Brazil, Italy to the USA.

To celebrate the release of Dynamo: Magician Impossible series 2 on Blu-ray and DVD from 22nd October, we take a look at the best moments for series 2!

Lemon Sweets

Dynamo believes that Hollywood brings out the magic in people and is a place where anything is possible. During Magician Impossible Series 2, Dynamo took his own brand of magic to the streets of Hollywood. Watch as he eats a little girl’s last 2 Lemon Head’s only to make a full packet magically re-appear in her hands.

Trafalgar Square Photo’s

Dynamo joins the tourists who flock around Trafalgar square taking photos, only he does so without a camera. Not only do his hands take the photo, they print them too! Watch carefully as he mesmerises the general public with his clever magic, leaving them wondering how it was even possible…

Venice Beach Money Suit

Check out Dynamo as he leaves a Venice Beach street performer stunned. The entertainer, who is used to commanding attention on the busy promenade, is speechless after Dynamo manages to magically pull a real 50 dollar note from his jacket.

Park Bench Levitation

Dynamo manages to silence passers by in the hustle and bustle of Rio as he levitates on a bench in this spectacular clip. Using only one arm, the magician floats horizontally in the air on a warm Brazilian night and enhances the magic of the city for all who stop to watch.

Key Put onto Headphones

Finding a group of lads on Ipanema beach, Dynamo captivates them by threading a headphone wire through a key and leaving them to work out how to separate them as he walks into the sunset.

Dropping a Coin Through Hands

Dynamo amazes the young children of a favela by performing various tricks to them as they play in the street. They are amazed as he drops a coin through their hands and enchanted when he takes a boy’s rubber bands and joins them together.

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