Tuesday 16 October 2012

Halloween - Back in Cinemas this Halloween

The ultimate Halloween film is coming back to the big screen where, and when, it belongs. The original version of John Carpenter’s hugely successful 70s slasher-film went on to be the benchmark for future films of its type while it took influence from masters of suspense and horror: Hitchcock and De Palma. See once more through the eyes of Michael Myers and feel the tension build with Carpenter’s celebrated soundtrack. One of the most famous horror films of them all, Halloween is back in cinemas.

It’s Halloween 1963, a 6-year-old masked Michael Myers has just stabbed to death his older sister and condemned himself to life imprisonment. But, 15 years later, he escapes and it’s only his psychiatrist Dr Loomis who foresees the horror that will ensue on that fateful Halloween night in 1978. It is left to Dr Loomis to track down Myers and protect the residents of Haddonfield including the young, innocent and oblivious Laurie Strode played by a then-unknown Jamie-Lee Curtis. This is one Haddonfield homecoming you will never forget.
Halloween will open in the UK from Friday 26 October at Apollo West End and will screen across Vue and Apollo Cinemas on 31 October.

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