Saturday 13 October 2012

What happens when 553 kids want to find their father!

David Wozniak (Patrick Huard) has reached his 40s lumbering around without a single adult responsibility. He coasts through life as an unreliable delivery man and is a burden to his girlfriend Valerie.

But when she announces her surprise pregnancy, David's past suddenly catches up. Having to face the fact that he will be a father, David discovers that a series of sperm donations he made 20 years earlier mean he's already the unwitting father of 533 children - of which 142 are determined to discover his identity. Suddenly, his life is much more complicated than he anticipated.

Directed by Ken Scott and starring Patrick Huard, Antoine Bertrand and Julie LeBreton, Starbuck is already in the works for a Hollywood re-make starring Vince Vaughn.
Starbuck is released on November 23, 2012 from Signature Entertainment.

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