Friday 31 January 2014

Dracula:The Dark Prince DVD Short Review

2 stars for this pretty but lacking in substance take on the story of Dracula. Dracula cover
Dracula: The Dark Prince is an action/ fantasy, directed by Pearry Reginald Teo (The Gene Generation, Take Me Somewhere Nice) and is loosely based on the Dracula myth, featuring Van Helsing (John Voight - Mission: Impossible, Heat), the renowned vampire hunter.
Dracula the man himselfIn this new version of the story, Dracula (Luke Roberts - Ambition, Holby City) is a former warrior of God, who turns to the dark side following the brutal murder of his lover. Having been cursed to spend eternity ruing his actions, he sets out to find the Lightbringer, a mythical weapon. Legend has it that Lightbringer may only be wielded by direct descendants of Cain and Abel, and dependent on the bloodline, can bestow either life or death.
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  1. Fun and pulpy and no pits! Nice and tight and believable plot. My only editorial nitpick would be to take the Remodel out...It's cordless, so the electricity going wouldn't be an issue, and a Remodel seems more wimpy than what Vlad would use. Read the whole story all the way through with no snacking breaks. That's how entertained I was :)
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