Monday 20 January 2014

Dragon Ball GT Short Review

4 Star Super Saiyan's vs the rest of the galaxy.
This is the third instalment of the DragonBall and GT takes place in the same universe as series two but it does not follow the manga but has all the old characters. First aired in 1996 and in the US  2003.

Goku and Uub have been training inside Dende's lookout and as they wreck the place Emperor Pilaf uses this as a distraction and climbs into the inner chambers where he discovers the Black Star Dragon Balls, he dreams of what he do with that power as Goku and Uub say their fond farewells.
dbgtgokuGoku stumbles upon Pilaf who has summoned the dragon, he is annoyed at being interrupted and finding a grown up Goku and the trouble that would be in fighting him inadvertently wishes that he was small again.


With the bargain struck the dragon leaves and the dragon balls disappear.
Unperturbed at being young again he resolves to grow up again, much to the dismay of his wife and children. But this feeling is shattered when King Kai informs them that if the seven dragon balls are not returned to the planet where the wish was made, it will explode.
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