Wednesday 8 January 2014

The Taste of Money Short DVD Review Cert 18

4 Stars of Money is the root of all Evil, South Korean style.

This is Director Sang-Soo Im, The Housemaid) 7th outing, and he created controversy and hype in his home country with his portrayal of the ultra rich and their links to corruption and crime.

Mr Joo, (Kang-woo Kim, Rainbow Eyes) has been working diligently for ten years for one of the richest families in South Korea and now he has been appointed to the household, to be a bag-boy, chauffeur and general help around this amazingly appointed home.
ttomcashMr Joo follows the Company President Yoon, (Yun-Shik Baek, The Presidents Last Bang) into the secret family cellar where there pallets of cash stacked six foot high.
Where he fills up two travel cases and is told to help himself to a bit of cash as everybody else has, but after his boss leaves he throws it back on the mountains of readies.

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