Saturday 11 January 2014

Eureka Seven: AO Part 1 DVD Release Short Review

3 stars for this futuristic sci-fi anime.Eureka Seven 1 cover
Eureka Seven: AO Astral Ocean Part 1 is the sequel to the original series, Eureka Seven. In this universe, the history of mankind has been drastically altered by the arrival of the Scub coral, which in turn attracts "Secrets" (called "G-Monsters" by the Okinawans).
Eureka Seven 1 scab burstThese enormous geometric beings wish to destroy the Scub coral and in the process cause an explosion of great magnitude, known as a Scub Burst. These cause massive damage and loss of life and so an organisation has been set up, known as Generation Bleu. Their aim is to remove the quartz from the heart of the Scub coral, thus making it undetectable to the Secrets. Eureka Seven: AO is set in 2025, in the prefecture of Okinawa and deals with the ongoing battle between Generation Bleu and the Secrets.
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