Tuesday 21 January 2014

Wings Short Review Dual-Format.

5 Stars of First World War aviation, rivalry and friendship.
wingscoverA classic from 1927, remastered in 1080. This epic story of love, rivalry and World War from the brilliant talent of William A. Wellman, (A Star is Born) who went on to direct 83 films with many nominations, but this film stands in history as the first winner of the Best picture Oscar, the only silent film to do so.
This film is more American than apple pie, but can be forgiven due to what it took to make it. (see Special Features disk).
wingsjackmaryJack Powell, (Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, My Best Girl) dreams of speed and taking to the sky like a shooting  star, so he strips his car down to the bare bones to get the best speed, so that he can take out his dream girl, Sylvia Lewis, (Jobyna Ralston, College Days). But the girl next door has her own designs on Jack, Mary Preston, ( Clara Bow, It) is a game girl and she helps Jack strip wingsdavidsylviadown his car not knowing that it will be Sylvia that will be riding by his side. Much to the annoyance of the well to do David Armstrong, (Richard Arlen, Island of Lost Souls) who already has the affections of the lovely young Miss Lewis.

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