Wednesday 22 January 2014

The General Short review

general-quad-emailable4 Star Keaton at his Best.

Lovingly restored in 4K by the Cohen Film Collection is back in the Cinemas.

Johnnie Gray, (Buster Keaton, Sherlock Jr) is the engineer on the steam train 'General'. it's spring 1861in the small town Marietta when the Western and Atlantic Flyer steams into town, there is a kerfuffle within the citizens as war has been declared with the North and the start of the Civil War and Johnnies girlfriend is eager for him to enlist.
thegeneralannabelleJohnnie rushes to enlist and be the first in line and when he gets to the kiosk he gives his name and occupation as the engineer of the steam train, the man behind the screen thinks hard then asks his superior who tells him that he is to valuable to be given a gun and his application is to be rejected.
Johnnie is thrown from the building with being told of his importance, dismayed he goes to Annabelle, (Marion Mack, The Carnival Girl) who tells him bluntly that until he is in uniform she will never talk to him.

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