Tuesday 26 July 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 gets a teaser trailer

Now Saw has ended it's seven year run, Hollywood needs a series to run with.

The first Paranormal Activity film was, in its way, groundbreaking in horror terms. The second was a way to cash in on the success of the first and now with the third... I haven't seen any of the, now, trilogy but what I have read it seems that the film series is running backwards. In other words Paranormal Activity 2 isn't a sequel but a prequel. The third film seems to be a prequel to this film. If this carries on we will get a Paranormal Activity: The Womb months in the next couple of years.

No UK poster exists at the moment but here is the US one. It shares the same release date as when the film hits the UK and, probably, the same images...
We are excited to tell you that the CATFISH team of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman have come aboard PARANORMAL 3. Jason Blum and the original creator Oren Peli are back producing with Steven Schneider and Akiva Goldsman executive producing. Christopher B. Landon, who served as a writer on last year’s hit sequel is back, and so are your sleepless nights.
Scaring UK cinemagoers from October 21,2011

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