Monday 5 March 2012

Sean Bean Retrospective

Deep undercover in London’s criminal under belly, hot on the heels of a deadly terrorist cell is Ewan (Sean Bean) – a Secret Service Agent. His mission: to terminate extremism. Directed, written, edited and produced by Hadi Hajaig CLEANSKIN is an explosive thriller, set across the dramatic backdrop of London under terrorist siege.

Sean Bean in fine form as the gritty agent on a mission - to celebrate the film’s release check out this round of Sean Bean’s film and TV performances from Middle Earth to the 21st century.

Sharpe (TV Movies) – from 1993
There can be no retrospective of Bean’s work without mentioning Richard Sharpe. Thanks to a freak accident to Paul McGann, Sean took over the role as the Napoleonic hero that was to make his name. Many TV movies on this theme followed leaving swooning female fans in his wake.

GoldenEye - 1995
Sean cemented his rep as a dastardly villain when he played Agent 006, Alec Trevelyan, opposite Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond. Could Bond prevent Bean from unleashing a nuclear hell in London? Well of course he could.

When Saturday Comes - 1996
Lifelong Sheffield Utd fan Sean, couldn’t resist this football drama where a nobody goes on to play in the Cup Final for United. Full of every footie cliché under the sun, it’s a good intentioned flick or die-hard football fans.

Ronin - 1998
It was a mark of his growing reputation that he was cast alongside Robert De Niro as a weapons expert in the thriller Ronin. The fact that he is still remembered to have been in the popular film despite the presence of De Niro says something more!

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – 2001-2003
Sean will be fondly remembered as Boromir the goodie/baddie/goodie who was slain at the hands of the Orcs while bravely trying to fend them off. It was here that he caught the eye of the future producers of the fantasy TV series Game of Thrones.

National Treasure - 2004
Hollywood loves a British baddie, so Bean was perfect as the sly adventurer who races Nicolas Cage to find the clues to unlock the secret of George Washington’s secret treasure. And what a two-faced swine he is! But it’s all good clean family fun.

Troy - 2004
Sean avoided being typecast as a villain when he starred alongside Brad Pitt’s Achilles in this Wolfgang Petersen epic. Here he was Odysseus, the cunning Greek who comes up with the notion of the Trojan Horse and brings about the downfall of Troy.

Flightplan - 2005
Sean is the pilot of a plane carrying Jodie Foster and her daughter back to a funeral. When she loses her daughter during the flight, no one believes Foster even had her on board. Is she losing her mind? Bean thinks so, and when she suspects there is a bomb on board in addition to her other problems, all hell breaks loose.

Black Death - 2010
If you are looking for a gritty, macho male lead to play a tough fighting knight in the middle ages you are only going to call one man right? Sean plays Ulrich, a God-fearing action man in this drama which is a must see if you like the thought of him being pulled apart by two horses!

Game of Thrones (TV) – 2011
Lord of the Rings fans got all excited by this tale of warring families intent on ruling the mythical land of Westeros. Bean is perfect as the Viking-like Eddard Stark in this TV fantasy that proved so successful it was re-commissioned for a second season.

Cleanskin - 2012
Briefed by his Secret Service Operators, played by Charlotte Rampling & James Fox, Ewan (Bean) is tasked with operating off-grid to track down a terrorist cell - responsible for a deadly central London explosion. Unknown to Ewan the mastermind behind the bombing is a ‘cleanskin’ (Abhin Galeya) – a terrorist as yet unknown to security services. With time running out, can Ewan trace and execute the ‘cleanskin’ before his final and most lethal act?

CLEANSKIN: IN CINEMAS MARCH 9 - find out more on facebook

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